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  Depending on the actual condition of a boat when starting your cleaning and detailing routine, will determine the level of time, effort and boat accessories needed for each step in the process. Typically, the most damaging effects occur at the bottom of a hull and work their way up the sides since this is the section of the boat that sits in the water and, therefore, takes the brunt of all the weathering abuse. Common effects are rubber markings (from tire-made bumpers), scuffing, mold and mildew buildup, chalking, fading and oxidation. For some boat cleaning projects, you will need a durable brush for scrubbing away dirt, grime, stains, and salt. The brush should not be so stiff and coarse that it could cause damage to your boat's finish or clear coat. Your brush should have a sturdy handle, long enough to reach all areas of your boat, up high and down low. This will eliminate the strain on your back and arms and will give you the needed leverage for effective boat cleaning. Also, very important for your boat cleaning as well as the environment is your choice of soap. With this boat accessories category, you should use a soap that is tough on dirt and grime, yet safe for the environment. Use a biodegradable soap; NOT a dishwashing detergent as they are too strong and could cause damage to the finish of your boat. If you use your boat in salt water, it is particularly important that you use fresh water and soap to remove the salt buildup that can corrode your boat's finish. Always be sure to follow the boat manufacturer's instructions on how to wash your boat. Do not allow the soap to dry and remain on your boat for extended periods of time. Have fun and be smart about choosing your boat accessories!