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  Let your boat "surf" the waves by using Carnauba Wax  
Carnauba Wax
  There is no magic secret as to how surfers glide through those spectacular water crests before they crash against the shorelines. They use carnauba wax. Not only one of the original, but probably still the best product a surfer can use to protect fiberglass boards from weather damage and create a smooth barrier that repels water and reduces friction along the high seas. So why not apply the same concept when detailing your boat? Polishing your fiberglass exterior preserves the shine and luster of a boat's finish. It can also prevent and protect your surface from harmful weathering and usage effects. Use a quality product, like carnauba wax, for maximum protection. Try Garry’s Royal Satin for this exact kind of weather guard. Their cleaning based formulas include a layer of carnauba wax that provides superior protection and performance.