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  The right Marine Supplies can make a difference
  Carbon monoxide Detectors - There have been many death related accidents involving carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning, which have led to increased scrutiny of boating habits (especially the practice of towing participants immediately behind a boat, known as "teak surfing" or "platform towing") and the implementation of various warning placards to educate boaters of the hazards arising from these activities. Other CO-related deaths were attributed to high concentrations of CO gas from houseboat generator exhaust, where swimmers were able to access an area near the stern of the boats that collected the exhaust. This has led to improved pollution controls on modern generator sets, and changes in the designs of houseboats so that they discharge exhaust gases in a way that they can dissipate. The increased use of CO detectors, especially in boats with enclosed accommodation spaces, and a proper assessment of boat manufacturers, can help reduce the risk of CO poisoning.
VHF Marine Radio
  A popular electronic item for boating safety is a VHF marine radio equipped with DSC or Digital Selective Calling. It can be your lifeline to the Coast Guard, or another boater nearby that can help in the event of distress. You can outfit your boat with a traditional fixed VHF radio, or you can purchase a handheld transmitter. Either way, having a VHF radio on board is extra insurance if the unforeseen occurs.