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  Most people think that using a compound is just part of the standard routine when cleaning and detailing a boat. However, this may not always be the case. These kinds of products contain various levels of grit and cleaners designed to scrub and scratch away dirt, grime and any other aesthetic impairment left on the surface of your boat. Again, depending on the level of dirt and damage, will determine the level of an oxidation cleaner required. You may even have to apply multiple applications to achieve your desired results. But be careful using these products because they can leave scratch marks (or swirl marks) on your finish, which can turn into a real headache when trying to wax and polish. Now, here’s where you can save time, effort and money… by condensing the compounding and waxing steps in one application. Applying just one coat of rubbing compound along the entire surface of your boat; and then buffing it out can take hours. Now, just imagine having to do this two or three times. Now picture yourself exercising the same effort to apply a protective coating of carnauba wax. Garry’s Royal Satin cream paste or liquid cleaner wax is a product that has been specially formulated with a grit scrubbing compound and oxidation cleaner; along with a polishing carnauba wax all in one. So, instead of multiple applications of compounding, buffing and polishing, you can achieve your desired results with just one product. Maximize your boat cleaning and detailing efforts with Garry’s Royal Satin.