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Aviation Wax & Protection

Garry's ROYAL SATIN AVIATION wax offers a unique blend of carnauba and cleaners that are specially formulated for aviation protection and cleaning. The blend removes surface oxidation and provides a high-gloss shine that looks great as your craft glides through the sky. It's also formulated to protect against sun, salt, chalking, and other related weathering effects.

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Garry's ROYAL SATIN is a great product at a great price. Call us for bulk price and distributor prices available.

Garry's ROYAL SATIN Automotive One-Step Cleaner Wax:

  • Removes Light Oxidation
  • Restores Original Finish
  • Protects Against UV Damage
  • Provides High-Quality Shine
  • Contains Hydro-Polymers & Carnauba
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