What’s Inside Your Favorite One-Step Cleaner Wax? Let’s Find Out

Garry Royal Satin’s high-quality auto, marine, and aviation care and detailing products contain Carnauba. It’s incredible quality can truly bring out the fresh luster and sharpness. But your prized yacht might be your pride, so you might want to know every detail of the product you are putting on it. Fortunately, you came to the right place. Here’s what makes Carnauba wax an integral component of our One-Step Cleaner/Wax.


What is Carnauba Wax, and what does it do?

The carnauba palm tree’s leaf is used to make carnauba wax. The wax is required for the plant’s survival because it is native to northern Brazil, which has a very hot and humid climate. It acts as a barrier between the leaves and the elements, protecting them from heat, UV radiation, and wetness. Carnauba wax is a yellow, hard, flaky material in its natural state. The leaves are picked, dried, then battered to loosen them in order to obtain it.

Up to 60 leaves can be produced by the carnauba palm tree. However, just 10-20 leaves from each plant are picked to avoid injuring the tree. More harvesting could impede the tree’s growth and perhaps cause it to die.

Carnauba Wax’s Characteristics

Due to its outstanding list of inherent properties, carnauba wax is widely used in a variety of sectors. These are some of them:

  • High melting temperature (81-86°C;180-187°F) 
  • Protection from UV rays
  • Resistance to water
  • Hypoallergenic properties

The effect of carnauba wax on the paint and appearance of the vehicle is why so many people swear by it. It has a rich, clear hue and a flawless mirror finish. Furthermore, because the wax has a high melting point, even on the hottest summer days, the automobile will not be damaged. Carnauba wax gives total sun protection because it is resistant to UV radiation. Oxidation, fading, and discoloration can all be caused by UV radiation. This means that adding a coat of wax to your car can save you money on polishing or repainting.

The wax coating prevents any water from getting to your paint since carnauba wax is hydrophobic (water-resistant). Pollutants and toxins abound in rainwater. After the rain has passed, the pollution remains on your automobile and eats away at the paint. This results in unattractive marks all over your automobile, maybe requiring a paint job. Fortunately, the wax prevents this since rain that falls on the car does not stick to it and instead rolls off, carrying the impurities with it.

So, check out our online shop at Garry’s Royal Satin and give your car, yacht, or jet the care it deserves!


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