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  Think all Marine Wax is the same? ..... Think Again!
  Garry’s Royal Satin has been the choice of professional detailers for years, and it’s time you were let in on the secret. All of our marine wax items have dual band UV inhibitors to provide the longest lasting protection against the sun. Our one step cleaner wax removes oxidation better than our competition and its easy on-easy off formula will save you time and effort.
  Garry’s Royal Satin truly is one of the best performing one-step, light oxidation remover and polisher in its class… all for much less than the popular name brands.
  Garry’s Royal Satin comes in more variations than most of the competition. We offer either liquid or our signature cream paste formulas, with sizes ranging from 10 oz. Containers to 5-gallon pails for fleet use.
  You owe it to yourself to try this marine wax. You won’t be disappointed!